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Fall in Phoenix | Phoenix Family Photographer

I just love this little family so much.  I am thrilled that I was able to capture maternity photos of this lovely mama, then photographed her first son’s newborn pictures – now he is ONE!  I feel so lucky that I can capture these special moments for their growing family.  Fall in Phoenix is a lovely time of year and meeting this family for a late afternoon shoot was more fun than work.  They really made it easy.  Seriously.  This kid is so cute I wanted to pop him into my camera bag and take him home and then squeeze his cheeks all night!

Phoenix-Family-Photographer - Kelly Mo & Co Photography



Happy 1st Birthday! | Phoenix Family Photographer

I absolutely LOVE one year olds!  I swear, they are the happiest kids and so curious!  It was such a joy to capture this little man’s one-ness!  He really made my job easy, though.  He smiled and giggled the entire time!  And then, it was time for cake!  And he thought that was about the coolest thing in the world!

A first birthday photo session in the park was a GREAT start to that lovely fall day!




It’s TWINS for the Hansens! | Phoenix Birth Photographer

Back in October of last year I had the privilege of witnessing a first time mama, deliver TWO baby boys.  She was due in November and I was really nervous I would miss it since I had plans to go out of town.  However, Mama was CERTAIN that they would come early.  And they did.  But still, they made her wait.  Her labor started late at night on the 17th (or early on the 18th), however the boys didn’t make their grand appearance until the 19th.

Mama let me know as soon as her labor started and I had my bags packed, ready to go!  I was just waiting for them to get admitted to the hospital.  Turns out, they were waiting too.  After a few trips to the hospital and back home again they were FINALLY admitted.

Dad’s excitement was contagious.  He was giddy, almost bouncing around the room.  He was ready and willing to do anything he could to support his wife.  It was a joy to watch these new parents welcome their first children into the world.  I know I have said it before, but I love my job!


Oliver and Wyatt’s Birth Story | From my point of view



Mama’s Point of View



On a trip to Hawaii, in March, I felt a little different and was waiting and waiting for my monthly gift. When I took a pregnancy test “just because” my husband, Jake, and I were shocked when it came back positive three times! We went to the doctor a few days after we arrived back home and he confirmed that I was pregnant… times two! I had a suspicion that we were having twins originally but Jake was knocked off his feet! I have never seen the color flush out of his face so fast!


My pregnancy was pretty normal and we anxiously awaited the 36 week to 38 week mark, which is when many twins arrive. Starting around 30 weeks I was having lots of irregular contractions so around midnight of October 17th, I ignored the pains I was feeling. Around 5am of the 18th I woke up and timed my contractions every 10 minutes for about an hour. I was nervous to tell Jake I thought I was in labor because he had a presentation for his business at 8:30 that morning. I hesitantly woke him about 6:30 and told him what was going on. I asked if he wanted to take separate cars to the hospital in case it was a false alarm he could make his meeting and I could drive back home. We loaded our bags and car seats, turned on the dishwasher and headed out in the same vehicle.

We were in triage for about an hour, walked for an hour, and were finally sent home when nothing had progressed. I was so disappointed when the contractions suddenly stopped and went home. I took a nap, watched some tv and ignored the cramping again until around 8pm when everything started up again with a new level of intensity! We returned to the hospital and were there for another hour to see how I progressed.  Since nothing was happening I given morphine, terbutaline and ambien. Although none of them worked, I was sent home again! Because my parents live closer to the hospital, we went to their house to wait to go back again later. Around 5am on the 19th, we went back for the third time and I was finally admitted at 5.5cm dilated and 100% effaced. It was so great to finally be checked in. I was moved to a labor and delivery room and asked for an epidural as soon as I could speak through another contraction.

That feeling of relief I got was amazing! I don’t know how I could have endured the rest without it! While laboring, I was instructed to keep the oxygen mask on as Baby B’s heart rate was dropping during contractions. After the epidural, things starting moving very quickly! Oliver Lyle was born at 10am and was given the okay. He cuddled with daddy while I immediately starting pushing Baby B. The doctor started to worry and helped him out with the vacuum. Wyatt Daniel arrived at 10:21am and was taken to the NICU promptly. About an hour later while I was in recovery, a code blue came over the speaker which I immediately knew was for our baby. Jake and I were rushed to the NICU where he was surrounded by a team of doctors and nurses. We were told he had a seizure and stopped breathing. The two of us were able to hold him for a few minutes and he was then flown to Cardon’s Children’s Hospital. Since then, he has been on the upswing and there is no evidence of any permanent brain damage due to his episode. Wyatt was released soon after and able to join the three of us at home. We are so happy to have our two healthy babies and are beyond excited to see the beautiful memories captured for us by Kelly Mo & Co Photography.



Graham Christopher’s Birth Story | Phoenix Birth Photographer

I am thrilled to be sharing this birth story with all of you!

When I met with this lovely couple earlier this year, I knew instantly that they would be amazing to work with.  And I was right.  But their little one made me wait.  And wait.  No big deal, though.  He was worth the wait!

One week over due, I received a phone call that the little man decided it was time to meet his parents. When I met up with them at a local birth center around 7pm, Mom was dilated to 6cm and working hard.  She had an amazing support team with her too.  Not only her husband and midwife, but her mother, her sister, and her doula!

This brave woman was a true rock star!  She handled each wave of contractions with grace and strength.  I am truly honored that they asked me to capture this incredible moment in their lives.  It was a pleasure and a privilege I will never forget.

Graham’s Birth Story | From my point of view


The Father’s Point of View



Hello world! We’re Nancy and Christopher and we were blessed with the wonderful experience of having Kelly Mo & Co photograph the birth of our perfect little son, Graham earlier this month.

Back in December Nancy found out that she was pregnant with our little one and actually waited two whole days to tell me as one of my Christmas presents. We had been trying for a few months and I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the news. Nancy immediately began to research her birthing options and we discovered a local birth clinic here in Phoenix. After a few tours of the facility and calls to our insurance company we were excited to start the journey of an entirely natural birth. The months passed by and we attended many classes about breastfeeding, natural pain management, and all of those things. Needless to say, we felt like we were extremely prepared.

The due date of August 28th slowly approached, came, and went. We celebrated Graham’s due date with a hike to Papago Park, rigorous swimming, and spicy Thai food to no avail. Eventually, on Friday September 6th I received a phone call from Nancy that her water had broken and that I needed to get home as soon as possible. Within thirty minutes she was having contractions about one and a half minutes apart and lasting about thirty seconds. We called our doula and she instructed us to head down to the birth clinic after a while. At the time we were just getting checked on, but the nurse on staff decided to admit Nancy as she was dilated to a four and was in full blown labor. At around four in the afternoon the doula, midwife, and Nancy’s sister and mother had all arrived. After Nancy had been laboring for a few hours they checked to see her progress and she was at a six. From what we could tell, Graham was coming hard and fast. I texted Kelly and let her know where she was and then she arrived to capture the event.

Nancy’s contractions were still coming hard and leaving her with little rest in between. The nurses on staff gave her IV fluid to help keep her hydrated and potentially slow her contractions some. The midwife checked Nancy at around nine o’clock, three hours since the last check, and she was still at a six. The midwife stated that she though Graham needed to rotate still, and that is why there was no progress being made. At this point, Nancy was exhausted and completely frustrated, but she decided to push on. She continued another four hours before being checked again, and was found to have made no progress still. Exhausted, Nancy and I decided that it was time to transfer. After twelve hours of hard labor with over half of that with no progress, it was time to get relief.

Nancy transferred to St. Joseph’s hospital in Phoenix, just a few minutes from the birth clinic. She recalls the forty minutes to transfer and get the epidural as being the worst part of the labor experience to that point. There was no relief from the pain then, but she knew the epidural would be coming soon and bring relief. The staff was quick to get her admitted and get her the pain medication. After some tests Nancy was able to sleep for a few hours through labor.

In the morning the nurse came to check on the progress and asked Nancy to change positions, but at that time Graham’s heartbeat dropped drastically. This happened once before we fell asleep, but this drop was down to around forty beats-per-minute. The doctor and a slew of nurses rushed in to check on the situation and found that Nancy was dilated to a nine at this point. The doctor decided at that time that an emergency cesarian section would need to happen for the safety of Graham. Nancy was immediately whisked away to the O.R. as I followed still trying to wake up from a haze of sleep. As they reached the O.R. they found out that Graham’s heart rate has stabilized, but the doctor still recommended a c-section and we agreed.

Graham Christopher Dyson was born at 7:11am on 9/7/2013. He weighs 7lbs 11.6oz at birth and is 20 inches long. After such a long labor he had become strained and passed meconium in utero. As he was delivered he started to cry, as babies do, and ended up swallowing and breathing in the meconium. After he was delivered they were able show him to Nancy and I, but he had to immediately get transferred to the Nursery ICU at the hospital for further observation. He was placed on a CPAP, given antibiotics, and many other things to make sure he would survive and be healthy.

Graham is healthy and happy today. After only three and a half days he was released from the NICU and was able to be discharged with his mother. Our family has been incredibly blessed and this experience has helped us grow immensely. We’ve seen miracles and felt very humbled through this all. We’ve felt the support and love of those around us in our lives throughout this experience and we’re so excited to begin this new journey together.




A Moment with my Girl | Phoenix Children’s Photographer

Last weekend our family did a little staycation at a local resort.  Just one night, but it was enough for us to have a TON of fun and enjoy the entire resort.  My kiddos are turning into little fish, so we spent a lot of time at the pool.  One morning, while we were waiting for the boys to get ready for the pool, my girl was being goofy on the bed.  Noticing the lovely light, I grabbed my camera and spent 5 minutes capturing the essence of her 3-year-old-ness.  Her smile, her eyes, her criss-cross tan on her back.

This is her.  Now.  And I don’t want to forget it.