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First Birthday | Phoenix Family Photographer

You only turn once and, man oh man, this little man celebrated his first year of life like a rockstar!  His first birthday photo session was right on the heels of a swimming lesson!  ….He was asleep when I arrived….and I thought I was in store for a cranky little birthday boy.  On the contrary!  When this kid woke up he was all smiles.  The ENTIRE time.  Who could blame him, though?  Not long after I showed up, his grandparents AND great grandparents arrived to shower him with love, kisses, hugs, and birthday gifts.

I had so much fun capturing this little dude in his element.  He seemed to know that it was such a special day and he enjoyed every minute of it!  The mood in the house felt magical and I was so lucky that I got to be a part of it.

A lovely family, darling boy, and awesome smash cake made this morning birthday photo session just delightful!



The Birthday Girl | Phoenix Family Photographer

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of documenting a lovely 2 year old’s birthday party!  I always enjoy photographing birthday parties.  It isn’t hard to find joy in faces and I love capturing how special the birthday girl feels.  It is HER day and she knows it!  Seriously, this girl is a great subject.  She can charm the pants off of complete strangers, and I love taking her picture.  Her party was a complete success!  Great snacks, fun presents, and a cake of her own to smash.  A perfect day for a two-year-old!


Sugar and Spice

I just love photographing sweet little girls!  Especially new ones.  This particular gal was a week old when I visited her and her parents.  I really walked into a newborn session of my dreams!  Beautiful light in every room!  A sweet puppy who was thrilled that someone else was there that might pay attention to her.  And delightful parents who are so kind, funny, and so excited about their new little girl.  This sweetie was awake for me almost the entire time, and happy too!

A lovely couple, boisterous dog, and beautiful little girl made this session easy, fun, and unforgettable!


Number Three | Phoenix Birth Photographer

Earlier this month, around 5:30 in the morning, I got the call that one of my closest and dear friends was in labor with her third child.  I popped out of bed, gathered everything I could think of, and cried pretty much the whole way to the hospital.  When I arrived, the room was calm but buzzing.  Her mother was there, sitting on the edge of her seat, and with each tear she shed she wished she could take every bit of pain away from her daughter.  Her husband, the strong, but silent type, helped her the best he could through each contraction.  Pretty soon, her sister arrived as well as another friend.  So many people in one room to love and cheer on my beautiful friend.

I feel unbelievably lucky and blessed to have witnessed the birth of this darling boy.  Support, love, and the incredible strength of this lovely woman, made this morning a treasured moment in my life.


Little One

Last week I spent some time with a most lovely couple and their new son.  This little one was a delightful subject.  He didn’t make any fuss and was a perfect fresh baby.  One particular room in their house was filled with beautiful light.  I was in heaven.  The best was when their cat finally got up the courage to come out and see what I was all about.  He even was kind enough to pose for me.  I think he wanted his moment, too.

A sweet smelling baby boy, a kind couple, and a curious cat made this session perfect in every way!