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Breech | Phoenix Birth Photographer

Last month I witnessed something truly amazing.  I had the pleasure and privilege of photographing the birth of this lovely couple’s second child.  Not only was this experience one of the coolest things I have ever seen in my life, I also got to document it.  And this is why I love my job.  The room was buzzing with excitement and anticipation.  Everyone was full of joy and laughter.  Mom was relaxed and so was Dad.  Honestly, they made it look so easy.  You would have never known that this couple was planning a breech delivery.  Even though this delivery was considered somewhat high risk, the vibe in the room never let on.  No one was stressed.  No one was worried.  Just happiness.

The excitement of the moment, the peaceful couple, and a successful breech delivery made this evening truly spectacular.



Everyone was there | Phoenix Family Photographer

I love photographing people I love.  And when I get to photograph the rest of their family, even better.  On a sunny New Year’s Eve afternoon, I found this family all cozy in their warm home.  Fresh off of Christmas, they were all smiles and the kids were full of giggles.  All of them were ready to work – even the kids – so my job was done in no time.

A clear day, lots of love, and good, good people made this family session just perfect.


Blessed | Phoenix Family Photographer

I titled this post “Blessed” because that is what this family is.  Two beautiful children with one on the way, Spouses that are crazy about each other.  The energy that radiates from this family is palpable.   I love all of them so much and I feel blessed that I can call them my close friends – family, even!  When they asked me to do a family shoot for them, I didn’t hesitate to say “Yes!”  I had such a good time with these goofballs, I forgot I was working.

Good people, vivacious laughter, and an energetic toddler made the morning spent with them go by way too fast!


A Warm Saturday | Phoenix Family Photographer

Who knew it could be so warm the Saturday after Thanksgiving!  The lovely temperatures made my morning in the park with this family just delightful.  I have known this fine gentleman since High School and I am so glad that he and his lovely wife have chosen to live in Arizona.  Their son is just fantastic and they are expecting a little girl in March!  I am envious of the curls on this little boy’s head and I hope that his sister is equally as blessed.  I am sure she will be!

Perfect weather, good friends, and two year old chatter about power tools made this morning just swell!


A Blast from the Past | Phoenix Family Photographer

I had the distinct pleasure of taking pictures for this lovely family last week.  I swam with this Peach in High School and it was so fun seeing her again and meeting her family.  Their girls were darling and delightful and they had fun exploring the location with me.  The day was overcast and pleasantly warm and our surroundings were beautiful.

A new location, sunny girls, and an old friend made this session perfect.